Key Benefits of SMS Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors leverage SMS marketing campaigns to acquire new leads, follow up with existing leads in their list, and re-engage dormant leads through cold-nurturing workflows.

Text marketing can also be used to build a list of cash buyers and wholesalers, or to follow up with them promptly when required.

Here in this post, we will look at the key benefits of SMS marketing campaigns for real estate investors. Let’s dive in.

1. Onboarding New Leads through SMS

Leads are most receptive when they first enter your lead pipeline. Prompt initial contact is crucial for achieving a higher response rate, and automated SMS sequences can be quite effective in this regard.

Picture this: someone wants to sell their vacant house ASAP and drops their info on your brand’s website.

In this case, speed is the name of the game.

So, automated SMS sequences swoop in to reassure them they’ve found the right investor and set expectations for the next steps.

A welcome/onboarding text here, a confirmation there – it’s all about that good first impression.

2. Capturing Leads Even When You Can’t Answer Phone Calls

Life as a real estate investor can get really busy.

Imagine being knee-deep in property repairs or assessing offers from other investors, missing that all-important call.

Fear not!

With text marketing automation tools, like the one REIgrow’s AI Bot offers, you can not only respond but also gather vital details for future follow-ups.

It’s like having a personal assistant who works 24/7 behind the scenes to make sure no investment opportunity is missed.

REIgrow’s AI Bot goes a step further by engaging the potential lead to schedule a call, factoring in your availability from your integrated Google Calendar.

3. Cultivating Leads with Automated SMS Marketing Campaigns

Text messages, emails, and calls – form the holy trinity of lead nurturing in real estate investing.

But, text marketing takes center stage because it’s personal, less intrusive, and packs a punch with lower response times and higher open rates.

Texts enjoy greater trust compared to emails and cold calls.

REIgrow, an innovative all-in-one marketing platform for real estate investors, streamlines the process of lead nurturing through automated SMS campaigns.

You can leverage REIgrow’s built-in text marketing workflows to eliminate the burden of manually scheduling and sending initiation messages or follow-ups to a large number of leads.

The effectiveness of SMS marketing is further amplified when integrated with a robust CRM system. REIgrow’s built-in CRM allows you to fully reap the benefits of automation.

The system (intelligently) knows the position of specific leads within the lead pipeline and triggers pre-set texts tailored to elicit the desired response, such as booking a call, scheduling an onsite visit, or providing additional information about a vacant, foreclosed, or abandoned property.

In the absence of a dedicated system like REIgrow, following up on thousands or even a few hundred leads simultaneously and harnessing the full potential of text marketing becomes a challenging task.

4. Well-timed Alerts & Reminders

Persuading leads to schedule their first call with your team is a critical milestone for real estate investors. Well-timed text messages can be instrumental in achieving this goal.

Your real estate investment brand can send SMS messages to target audiences, encouraging them to book a call. Recipients can conveniently click on a link, view your availability, and schedule a call.

The benefits of SMS marketing for real estate investors don’t end there

Built-in REIgrow text marketing workflows further trigger timely reminders to both you (or a designated team member) and the prospective lead to ensure the call actually takes place.

Now, if a scheduled call doesn’t materialize for some reason, an intelligent all-in-one marketing system like REIgrow will continue chasing such leads, while factoring in your previous interactions.

The system is designed to keep pushing for weeks, months, and even a year, unless you decide to move a lead to a different category (e.g. when a distressed property seller has already sold the abandoned house on your list).

5. Your Marketing Communication Doesn’t Get Lost

Most people receive a multitude of emails every week, increasing the likelihood of your emails getting lost in the clutter.

Spam filters don’t always function as intended, and legitimate emails can end up in spam folders or be simply overlooked due to email overload.

This is where SMS messages stand out.

Text messages rarely get lost, and spam filters implemented by telecom companies effectively block fraudulent text messages.

Therefore, as long as your brand has secured A2P 10DLC compliance, your REI marketing texts have a better chance of reaching your leads.

Here at REIgrow, our team helps investors with everything from filing necessary documentation with the TCR (The Campaign Registry) to obtaining approval for your A2P (application-to-person) text marketing campaigns.

We also offer a wide range of ready-to-use SMS templates, specifically crafted for REI outreach campaigns.

6. Adding a Personal Touch to Real Estate Investment Marketing

Texts are personal – it’s how we chat with friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers. There’s a warmth to it.

We know that not everyone knows our phone number; so, there is an element of personal touch in this form of communication.

Emails, on the other hand, can feel impersonal.

People are also more likely to respond to text messages because it feels like a natural and personal conversation.

Lastly, Can Investors Rely on SMS Marketing Alone?

SMS marketing is your ace, no doubt.

But, don’t rely on it alone for real estate investment marketing.

It’s advisable to mix it up with other channels like automated emails, calls, voice notes, reviews, social media, local SEO, and more.

A multi-channel approach works best for most real estate investors.

Therefore, SMS marketing strategies coupled with REIgrow’s multi-channel marketing capabilities and automation features can turn out to be a winning strategy for your real estate investment business.

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