Learn How Advanced Automation Helps Real Estate Investors save time and close more deals

How Advanced Automation Helps Real Estate Investors

Imagine driving a car without knowing how it works under the hood.

You don’t need to be a an automotive engineer to get from point A to point B, just like you don’t need to be a tech genius to use advanced automation in real estate investing (REI).

Advanced REI automation tools empower you to automate seemingly complex and highly time-consuming processes with minimal manual intervention.

Here in this post, we will look at the five best ways advanced automation can help real estate investors do more with less.

  1. Automation in Lead Capturing for Real Estate Investors

When hot leads come knocking, automation helps ensure that you’re lightning-fast.

However, your team may not always be available to respond promptly, whether through SMS, email, or phone calls, when, for example –

Automation can streamline text, email, or voice-based responses to these leads, ensuring that they receive prompt replies.

REIgrow’s AI Bot, for instance, not only responds to hot leads on real estate investors’ behalf but also initiates follow-up actions, such as:

  • Recognizing a new lead’s contact request and informing them about the next steps
  • Scheduling phone calls and appointments to further engage with potential clients
  • Gathering crucial property information (e.g., location, repairs required, occupancy status, pending dues, etc.) from distressed property sellers
  • Sharing more information about the property with cash buyers or wholesalers to facilitate potential deals.

2. Automation in Phone and Appointment Scheduling

All-in-one real estate SaaS platforms like REIgrow seamlessly integrate phone and appointment scheduling with automated reminders, eliminating the need for manual scheduling and juggling multiple applications.

REIgrow’s integration with Google Calendar ensures that your availability is synchronized, preventing double bookings and ensuring timely appointments.

Further, automated alerts and meeting reminders sent to both your team and the prospective customer are synchronized with your CRM and the lead pipeline for each individual lead you are nurturing.

This ensures that all parties are informed and prepared for upcoming appointments.

The system even considers whether the phone call or meeting takes place, and further initiates the next steps to continue nurturing the lead efficiently!

3. Cold Lead Nurturing through Automated Sequences

Managing a large volume of cold leads, such as a list of potentially vacant properties in Texas or a list of hundreds of homeowners in North Carolina facing potential foreclosure, to uncover hidden investment opportunities can be overwhelming.

REIgrow’s built-in automation workflows for real estate investors simplify this process with automated sequences tailored to specific lead categories, the stage they are in within the lead pipeline, and their past interactions with your brand.

These sequences can include SMS, email, or voice-notes, ensuring that leads receive appropriate messages at various stages of the nurturing process.

With preset and custom workflows, the system can send different communications to your leads in different scenarios, such as:

  • A distressed property seller who has opened 4 out of 10 emails sent in the last month but has not yet responded may receive a follow-up email or SMS to check in and see if they have any questions
  • A cash buyer who has clicked on a link to view a property listing but did not respond to an offer may receive a personalized email or voice-note highlighting the property’s key features and encouraging them to reconsider
  • A motivated seller who contacted you by phone last month but has gone cold since then can be sent a reminder email or SMS to re-engage them and inquire about their current situation
  • A motivated seller who shared crucial property information like location, floor area, and required repairs but hasn’t responded to a request to schedule an onsite inspection may receive a follow-up email or phone call to address their concerns and schedule a visit
  • Homeowners who have received default notices will be sent successive messages to gauge their interest in selling before foreclosure proceedings take place

In real real estate investing, intelligent automation ensures that leads at various stages receive the right message, increasing the likelihood of them responding and engaging with your team.

This allows you to effectively move them across the lead pipeline in successive stages and close more deals.

4. Automation in Website Management, Social Media, and SEO

While automation doesn’t cover every task, it excels at taking over significant responsibilities.

REIgrow, for instance, helps investors reclaim valuable time each week, creating more room for strategic decision-making through the partial or complete automation of tasks, such as:

  • Collecting client reviews and seamlessly publishing them on the Google Business profile for enhanced SEO (search engine optimization) and reputation building
  • Managing website content, including landing pages, blogs, lead capture forms, etc., from a single, unified dashboard
  • Updating SEO meta information for the entire website from a single, convenient location
  • Scheduling social media content across different platforms, ensuring consistent and effective REI brand messaging with minimal effort
  • Posting social media content across different platforms
  • Consolidating the tracking and management of social media interactions, such as Facebook messages from prospective leads or motivated sellers, in a single location

Automation in website management, social media marketing, and SEO can significantly reduce the workload for real estate investors who rely heavily on their online presence for lead generation, reputation management, and overall marketing success.

5. Intuitive Follow-ups with Leads – The AI Advantage for Real Estate Investors

AI-powered automation enables intuitive follow-ups, tailoring communications based on lead responses.

For instance, if a lead expresses urgency in selling their property (as you would expect in the case of a distressed property seller), the system will automatically initiate actions to expedite the deal closure process.

This intelligent communication approach saves time and improves lead conversion rates for real estate investors.

6. Stay Organized with Automated Task Followups

Do you have a team working on different tasks each day? Juggling different tasks can be demanding for a growing real estate investment business, particularly when overseeing a team responsible for various roles, such as –

  • Attending scheduled phone calls with prospective sellers
  • Sharing offers with wholesalers on your list
  • Gathering information about upcoming auctions
  • Overseeing the ongoing renovation of properties earmarked for fix-and-flip
  • Participating in scheduled property inspections before making offers
  • Evaluating the feasibility of investing in vacant properties

Automated task management and followups can be a game-changer, keeping your team organized and focused on their core tasks.

REIgrow’s automated task management system simplifies team collaboration and ensures that critical steps are not overlooked.

You can seamlessly assign tasks, receive timely reminders, and monitor task completion across various departments.

This centralized approach with built-in task automation provides real-time visibility into your team’s progress and allows you to identify potential bottlenecks or delays.

Final Words

Advanced automation in real estate investing helps you optimize your operations, freeing up time and resources to focus on your core expertise – identifying and closing profitable deals.

It acts as a transformative tool for investors (and their teams) juggling various tasks each day.

Beyond saving time, effort, resources, and money, it propels you toward your goals of collecting and nurturing more leads, booking more calls and appointments, and managing multiple leads simultaneously on an intuitive pipeline.

While built-in automation workflows, AI bots, and other AI-backed features can sure turbocharge your real estate investment marketing campaigns and drive efficiency in your daily operations, they are not intended to replace an investor’s business acumen, industry experience, or skills.

Instead, advanced automation functions as a powerful personal assistant (for both individual investors and full-fledged teams), working 24/7 to amplify your core strengths.

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