The What & How of A2P Compliance for Real Estate Investors

A2P Compliance for Enhanced SMS Marketing in Real Estate

We know from experience that most real estate investors use a combination of different channels to find and close more deals.

SMS marketing is often a crucial part of multi-channel marketing strategies for real estate investment businesses because it’s affordable and offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Supports two-way messaging
  • Higher open and response rates than email marketing
  • Lower response times than emails; most messages are read within 180 seconds of receipt
  • Verified messages do not have to battle spam filters, unlike emails, which can end up in the recipient’s spam folder even when they are legitimate

Investors who use REIgrow, an all-in-one marketing platform, regularly use SMS marketing to –

  • Nurture leads with automated SMS campaigns
  • Send personalized appointment notifications
  • Schedule SMS reminders to improve email response rates
  • Send text alerts to provide quick briefs to cash buyers or wholesalers on your list
  • Cultivate relationships with clients through well-timed texts on transactions, etc.
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To reap the benefits of text marketing, real estate investors must register their businesses and campaigns with The Campaign Registry (TCR) now.

Failure to register for A2P 10DLC compliance may result in telecom companies increasingly filtering out or entirely blocking text messages.

REIgrow has helped hundreds of Real Estate Investors secure their A2P compliance and can help you too. This is one of the many steps we help investors with during our onboarding.

What is A2P 10DLC Compliance?

A2P 10DLC stands for Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code. It is a messaging compliance system established by telecom carriers to ensure that SMS message traffic is consensual.

This standard helps combat spam. At the same time, it offers greater stability, security, and reliability to registered businesses and their audiences.

The new A2P standard supports enhanced deliverability and high messaging throughput.

Brief History – Why was A2P 10DLC Developed?

In the 1990s, when carriers first introduced SMS, long code (LC) numbers were mainly used for a small number of person-to-person messages. Carriers discouraged businesses from using LC numbers for SMS marketing.

In 2003, shortcodes were introduced to allow for high-volume SMS traffic. But, they are expensive and difficult to obtain. Over time, carriers started blocking ‘shared shortcodes’ (affordable alternatives) when users began reporting violations.

Verizon introduced A2P 10DLC in 2019 to distinguish between compliant and non-compliant A2P campaigns. All major US telecom carriers joined the league by 2021.

A2P 10DLC was developed to reduce spam and scams and to make it easier for compliant businesses to continue their text marketing campaigns.

This compliance standard allows carriers to serve legitimate use cases (businesses that want to use bulk SMS for marketing in accordance with the established regulations) while filtering out all others.

Is 10DLC Registration Mandatory for Real Estate Investors?

Effective September 1, 2023, all SMS messages sent to US phone numbers using standard 10-digit long numbers (10DLC) must come from approved A2P campaigns.

So, real estate investors planning to use SMS messages for marketing must obtain this approval.

Many real estate investors have registered for 10DLC since 2020. However, registration is now strictly enforced, and leading communication API platforms have also announced that they will no longer support unregistered 10DLC SMS traffic.

Businesses that fail to comply with 10DLC registration will experience increased deliverability issues for their messaging campaigns.

Telecom carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have also begun charging higher fees (100% to 150% more) to encourage businesses to complete their registration.

A2P 10DLC Compliance: How it Benefits Real Estate Investors

Anyone keen to send 10DLC traffic for promotions or other commercial purposes must register their business and each campaign with the TCR.

The registry performs a brand identity check for each campaign before verifying it. This mechanism eliminates ‘bad actors’ who send fraudulent or spam messages.

Thus, A2P 10DLC compliance enables investors to communicate securely and compliantly over SMS. It ensures that your SMS texts are successfully delivered to cash buyers, wholesalers, distressed property sellers, or anyone else you communicate with.

As telecom carriers implement more stringent measures to protect their customers from spam, some genuine SMS traffic may also be blocked.

A2P 10DLC offers real estate investors the opportunity to register their campaigns with the TCR, significantly reducing their risk of campaign denial.

Consistent use of a 10-digit number can also increase audiences’ trust in the message.

How Can Real Estate Investors Register for A2P 10DLC Compliance?

Real estate investors typically need to complete the following steps to get verified for A2P:

  • Submit your business information (e.g. the legal name of your business, company type, valid tax ID or EIN, physical address, etc.)
  • Register your brand (one brand may run multiple campaigns)
  • Register use cases (explanation for campaign goals)
  • Approval/Rejection from TCR (Telecom Campaign Registry)
  • Undergo DCA (Direct Connect Aggregator) vetting to prove that your contacts have opted in to receive SMS messages from your business

We understand how important it is for real estate investors to leverage personalized and conversational ways to engage with their leads, existing customers, and partners.

Therefore, for investors using REIgrow, our onboarding team helps them select the 10DLC phone number and secure their A2P compliance.

As a full-fledged marketing platform for real estate investors, REIgrow also provides over 200 ready-to-use branded SMS templates and automation workflows.

So, you can kickstart your SMS campaigns immediately once your compliance request is approved.

Just reach out to us and let us know you want to secure our A2P compliance.

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