SMS Marketing BY REI Grow

From transforming cold leads into warm prospects to automating missed call follow-ups and converting phone conversations to text, our SMS Marketing features are designed to enhance engagement and efficiency.

navigate the journey to business success with confidence.

Nurture leads with REI Grow-tun leads to closed deals.

Cold Nurture Strategies

Transform cold leads into warm prospects with REI Grow’s SMS Marketing platform. Implement strategic cold nurture campaigns through personalized SMS messages, engaging potential clients and warming up your real estate pipeline.

Missed call feature from REI Grow

Missed Call Text Backs

Capture opportunities even when calls go unanswered. REI Grow’s SMS Marketing automates missed call text backs, ensuring that leads receive immediate follow-up messages, fostering a prompt and personalized connection for enhanced engagement.

REII Grow phone to text feature

Phone Convo to Text Conversion

Seamlessly transition phone conversations to text interactions with REI Grow. After a call, effortlessly continue the conversation through SMS, allowing for convenient follow-ups, information sharing, and maintaining a thread of communication to be more connected to your prospects.

REI Grow Follow up

Automated Follow-Up Sequences

Our system auto determines whether the phone number entered is SMS capable (mobile phone). Once it is verified, you can nurture leads with precision using automated SMS follow-up sequences. REI Grow allows you to set up customized sequences that automatically send follow-up texts based on lead behavior, ensuring consistent engagement and maximizing your communication with leads.

REI Grow text messaging

Lead Segmentation for Targeted Messaging

Optimize your SMS marketing strategy with lead segmentation. REI Grow platform enables you to categorize leads based on their preferences and behaviors. Tailor your SMS messages or use our 150+ tested and proven SMS text templates to send to specific segments, delivering targeted content that resonates and drives results in the competitive real estate market.


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