Integrated Voice by REI Grow

It is a new era of communication efficiency tailored for real estate investors. Our innovative integrated voice solution is designed to amplify your connectivity, and streamline conversations.

navigate the journey to business success with confidence.

Toll-free and local numbers available with REI Grows

Local & Toll-Free Options

Enhance your professional image and expand your reach with local and toll-free numbers. REI Grow provides you with the flexibility to establish a local presence or cater to a wider audience with toll-free options.

Power dialer feature from REI Grow

Power Dialer

Experience the efficiency of a Power Dialer. Queue hundreds of calls, process them one by one, connect with prospects in real-time, leave voice-drops for unanswered calls, and queue not-reached leads for the next campaign – all designed to supercharge your outreach and follow-up efforts.

REI Grow caller ID feature

Caller ID, Whisper, Ring Multiple Phones

Take control of your calls with features like Caller ID, Whisper, and the ability to ring multiple phones. Identify incoming calls, use the Whisper feature for contextual information, and ensure every important call reaches the right person promptly.

REI Grow Lead Processor

Lead Processor (Call Dispositioning) w/ Call Notes

Streamline call management with the Lead Processor. Disposition calls effortlessly into buckets for further automation and follow-up. Keep track of important details with call notes, ensuring a seamless and organized communication flow.

Mobile Detection feature from REI Grow

Mobile Phone Detection, DNC Removal

Optimize your outreach with smart mobile phone detection. Our system distinguishes between landlines and mobile phones, allowing for tailored follow-ups. If it’s a landline, follow-ups occur through email; for mobiles, the system processes follow-ups via SMS and email, ensuring a personalized approach.

Call tracking and number pools -REI Grow

Number Pools & Call Campaign Tracking

Dive into detailed analytics with Number Pools and Call Campaign Tracking. Gain insights into call performance, measure success rates, and refine your strategies for more effective communication.


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