features to consider for choosing the right CRM for real estate investing

Selecting the Best Real Estate Investor CRM – Features to Consider

A feature-rich customer relationship management (CRM) platform can help you stand out in a competitive market.

Luckily, a new wave of CRM software, purpose-built for real estate investors is here to lend a helping hand.

When evaluating real estate investor CRMs, focus on features that truly streamline and grow your REI business. Do not just settle for saving time on routine tasks; aim to increase your deal closing rate as well.

Here are the essential features to consider when selecting a CRM for real estate investing:

Lead & Contact Management

The ability to manage distressed seller leads in an investor CRM is key to organizing, nurturing, and converting potential opportunities into successful deals.

This process involves tracking and engaging with potential sellers or buyers from start to end.

The CRM software should make it easy for you to –

  • Add and search for leads or contacts
  • Categorize leads by status, prioritize hot leads, and automate follow-ups to seize every opportunity

Multi-Channel Marketing Capability

Do you want to connect with prospects through their preferred communication channels?

Need to customize your marketing approach based on the channel and audience?

Incorporating SMS, email, and voice marketing into your CRM strategy creates a well-rounded system that maximizes outreach potential.

You can connect with leads at different points; this helps increase  the chances of motivated sellers:

  • Responding to your message
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Assessing a deal
  • Accepting an offer

Therefore, investors should choose CRMs with multi-channel marketing capability.

SMS offers quick updates, emails provide detailed info, and voice calls add a personal touch.

This diverse approach helps you nurture relationships more effectively for successful deals.

Workflow Automation

Can you automate workflows in the real estate investor CRM to simplify tasks, such as:

  • Running a cold nurture series
  • Targeting properties facing foreclosures
  • Reaching out to abandoned or vacant property owners
  • Responding to an inbound distressed property seller lead

Built-in workflow automation features can help you –

  • Follow up on leads promptly
  • Schedule automated SMS or email notifications to avoid missed opportunities
  • Prioritize tasks based on specific criteria to stay organized
  • Track progress easily to ensure no tasks are missed
  • Streamline repetitive tasks to reduce error and save time for more important work like property visits and meetings
  • Speed up processes and improve decision-making

CRMs like REI Grow provide a comprehensive REI kit for workflow automation. With advanced automation, you can follow up on leads, assign tasks, and schedule SMS or email notifications, complete with pre-written messages tailored to your audience within minutes.

AI Lead Capture, Follow-up & Appointment Booking

Can you trust your CRM to handle your calendar? Can it ‘converse’ with motivated sellers?

An AI-powered real estate investor CRM can transform how you capture and follow up on leads. It can make prospecting more efficient.

Best real estate investor CRMs like REI Grow offer AI assistants that help investors automate processes fundamental to real estate investment marketing, such as:

  • Gathering essential information about the distressed property
  • Engaging leads through personalized interactions to ensure no lead is overlooked
  • Scheduling appointments as per your availability, and sending reminders so that you never miss a meeting

When you have a tireless AI assistant handling such tasks 24/7, you can devote more time to building relationships and closing deals.


Can you tailor the system to fit your unique needs and preferences?

Here are some real estate investor CRM customization options that investors should consider:

  • Custom fields or tags: Can you add fields or tags relevant to your REI venture to capture or track data?
  • Workflow templates: Does the CRM allow you to adjust workflow templates to align with your marketing strategy?
  • Dashboard widgets: Can investors personalize dashboard widgets to showcase key metrics and information?
  • Templates: Does the CRM provide pre-written templates for text/email marketing?
  • Permission Settings: Can you add your team members and customize user permissions to manage access levels within the CRM?

Lead Capture via Website

Real estate investor websites leverage lead capture forms on landing pages to generate leads.

Do you intend to capture motivated seller leads for abandoned or vacant properties through your website?

Consider whether the CRM for real estate wholesalers can capture leads directly.

Platforms like REI Grow offer a bunch of features that are beneficial for investors focused on lead generation through their websites. Some of these features include –

  • Set up a custom real estate investor website
  • Create custom lead capture forms
  • Funnel leads into the CRM software
  • Transition leads to automated text conversations if your staff can’t take the call
  • Nurture and keep website leads warm until you can take over

Reporting & Analytics

You can spot trends and areas for improvement by analyzing different metrics.

Detailed analytics enable data-driven decisions, efficient resource allocation, and optimized marketing and investment strategies.

Ease of Use

No matter how advanced a real estate investing CRM software is, it won’t be effective if your team struggles to use it. So, prioritize ease of use when you evaluate different platforms.

Here are some features that contribute to a user-friendly CRM:

  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Drag-and-drop options
  • Pre-written templates for quick and automated lead nurturing
  • Quick access to key metrics and other pertinent information

24/7 Customer Support & Training

Look for features like 24/7 live chat support, training/coaching calls, and a dedicated knowledge base to help you use the software effectively. It can greatly improve your experience with the CRM solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing Real Estate Investor CRM

1. Is it possible to customize automated marketing campaigns for specific target audiences or property types?


You can customize pre-written templates or create new workflows tailored to specific target audiences or property types.

2. How does a real estate investor CRM system handle data migration and integration with existing tools and databases used by investors?

When moving to a new CRM system, make sure the data migration and integration with existing tools are smooth.

Choose a user-friendly platform that seamlessly connects with your current tools and databases or offers suitable alternatives.

3. How does the CRM handle complex deal structures and partnerships within real estate investing?

Investor CRMs help track multiple parties, agreements, and customized workflows to streamline collaboration and ensure accuracy.

4. How does the CRM handle compliance and regulatory requirements specific to real estate investing?

A reliable CRM for real estate investing should have features to manage compliance with regulations like 1031 exchanges and investor disclosures.

Find a system that simplifies these processes for you.

5. Do real estate investor CRMs provide leads?

Finding motivated seller leads is among the biggest challenges for any investor. Most investors rely on various sources for leads and sifting through endless sources can be highly time-consuming.

Investors get leads from different sources. A reliable investor CRM will have a source of leads available to you. REI Grow, for instance, provides leads to keep your real estate investing ventures fueled, putting an end to the manual grind of searching for leads from different sources.