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At REI Grow, our unwavering dedication supports real estate professionals like you. Our platform turns leads into closed deals, a pivotal resource for business expansion. Moreover, backed by extensive expertise and cutting-edge tools, we go beyond mere support. We systematically streamline your marketing efforts, empowering you in your investment ventures.

navigate the journey to business success with confidence.

Our Mission

REI Grow, Our Mission is Clear

Providing an all-in-one investing system that streamlines your real estate journey, eliminating time-consuming tasks.

Moreover, we believe in equipping you with essential resources, support, and cutting-edge technology for building and thriving in real estate. Our comprehensive platform is strategically designed to turn leads into closed deals, ensuring a seamless process as you navigate the dynamic real estate landscape. Trust REI Grow as your partner in success, providing the tools and support needed to elevate your business to new heights.

Our Story

Damon’s residential journey encompasses a diverse set of strategies, from rehabbing to owner finance, equity partnering, short sales, and wraps, all while building a rental portfolio.

Their mission: to elevate investors’ marketing, analysis, tracking, and partnering efforts.

Consequently, REI Grow and its predecessor have played a pivotal role in helping thousands of real estate investors, with their marketing, nurturing, and successfully closing millions in real estate deals.

Our journey here at REI Grow is rooted in the expertise of our founder, Damon Flowers, who began investing in 2002.

Since then, Damon has crafted tools for personal deal analysis, prompting the establishment of a real estate tech company in 2010.

Moreover, our commitment to innovation is evident in adoption of cutting-edge technology and strategies, to turn leads into closed deals.

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Our Values

Our ‘Customer Driven’ dedication surpasses typical service. Picture your favorite cafe; personalized attention at REI Grow is our goal.

In our simplicity commitment, we tirelessly build user-friendly systems, handling details so you can invest confidently without feeling overwhelmed.
Moreover, relationships are paramount at REI Grow. Operating as a team, we emphasize honesty and support, fostering growth and improvement.
Additionally, turning leads into closed deals, our platform seamlessly integrates customer feedback, ensuring a dynamic and responsive process.

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